Selling a Home

Selling your home can be a very stressful event. For many, there are fond memories while others really need the money, even if only to get out of the deal with no debt. During this process, there are times when a home simply won’t sell. You love the place, it’s priced right for the specs, but it just isn’t moving. When this happens, it’s because something is wrong. Having a good real estate agent can get your home sold quickly, and this is where research is beneficial. Make sure your agent is qualified and active in selling your home. Some agents specialize in foreclosures while others have more knowledge over certain areas.

A professional real estate agent knows about the local housing market. Much of their information is experiential so it cannot be learned from other sources. They know how to look for the right house for families with regard to local schools and businesses. A good agent can also Steer you away from a bad buy if a house is unstable or has other major drawbacks. Many agents also have a good working knowledge of the loan process and can walk you through it.

Selling your home can be easy.
Let our experienced staff help you make it happen. Why Hire The Keith Beatty Team:

The Keith Beatty Team is a team of local real estate experts ready to reveal the secrets of how we can help you sell your home. From setting the price to creating marketing campaigns for traditional media and Web, we’ve got a proven plan that will match your home with the right buyers for the right price. We are committed to fast, professional and courteous personal service to help you understand and feel at ease throughout the home selling process. Our trained and certified agents specialize in the Wilmington real estate market and are prepared to sell your home to the right buyer for the best price.

The Keith Beatty Team

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